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"It’s okay to have bad days. Even when you feel at your lowest, be patient, better days will come."

Back in early 2013, when a well-known supermarket had the public asking “what’s in your burgers, and are they hoof price”, I had begun building the foundations for what would be

Unbeknown to most of my nearest and dearest, Anxiety and Depression had pretty much dominated my life up until this point. However, thanks to my determination, and an incredible article found in Forbes magazine ( I had found a way to combat the daily bouts of Anxiety that I had been subject to.

What I had found was ‘my way’ to cope with mental health problems; it was a complete change in lifestyle. Change of diet, new exercise regime and a different way of dealing with stress. The detail of which can be found on our website:

I have said before that I didn’t really believe these changes would bring me relief, but two years on and my mental health is better than it ever was. No, I am not 100% all the time, who is? But I no longer have daily, weekly or even monthly problems, as long as I look after my wellbeing.

When you think about it, it’s not so surprising that the changes I made to my lifestyle had such a positive impact on my mental health. When you start looking after your body, you feel good! If I feel low for any reason, instead of going home and sitting under the duvet with a family size chocolate bar, I go to the gym or for a run. Neither may solve my problem, but one will always make me ‘genuinely’ feel better. Yes, the chocolate bar…NO, the exercise. This is an insight into my decision making at said low point.

I am fully aware that it’s much easier talking about change, than putting that change into action. I may talk all big, tough and positive but, as I have already alluded to, I still have difficult days. Life will always throw new challenges our way, and we won’t always be strong enough to ride through the storm without picking up a few bumps and bruises on the way. But that’s okay. We are human, not super human.

The best thing we can do, especially if we suffer with on-going mental health problems, is educate ourselves. Learn about mental health and the ways in which we can cope with the problems that may arise. Find out what works for you by trying different things, even if those things sound silly. Honestly, one of the best things that work for me when I feel a bit overwhelmed is laughing at the situation. It takes the sting out of what I thought was a reason to feel stressed. This may sound silly, but it works for me, so I continue to do it.

Talking to others is important, even if you only confide in one person. Sharing your thoughts does more than just ‘get it off your chest’ it also opens up conversations with others who may be able to share their own tips on how to cope. Everyone has their own battles and you never know what skills they have picked up along the way.

Personally, I feel that we could all benefit from a little more patience. Be patient with those who are dealing with problems, you don’t need to understand or even agree with their reasons for feeling how they do, just offer support and be kind. Most importantly though, be patient with yourself. It’s okay to have bad days. Even when you feel at your lowest, be patient, better days will come. And, if you really must eat that family size chocolate bar, invite your favourite person over to eat it with you.

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