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Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone.

The Economics of Sleep, Part 1

The gist: Could a lack of sleep help explain why some people get much sicker than others? click here

The Economics of Sleep, Part 2

In a nutshell: People who sleep better earn more money. Now all we have to do is teach everyone to sleep better. click here

Comedy and living with an eating disorder

Stand-up comedian Dave Chawner discusses his experience of living with an eating disorder and how he manages to work that into his live shows. click here


In this podcast hosted by Heart FM’s Matt Wilkinson interviews Christina about her experience of depression. click here

Anxiety Slayer

With a landmark 3 million listens and almost 300 podcast episodes, Anxiety Slayer is for anyone who is suffering from stress and anxiety. click here

Mental Illness Happy Hour (explicit)

Named one of the Top Ten Podcasts of 2011 by The Onion’s A.V. Club! The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly conversation between a guest and comedian/host Paul Gilmartin, focusing on the battles we have in our heads and the damage we feel. click here

Relaxation by Inner Health Studio

Guided relaxation to calm the mind and relax the body. Relaxation techniques include visualization, autogenics, creative expression relaxation, passive progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, meditation, and more. click here

The Dark Place: Honest Conversations About Mental Health | Depression | Anxiety

A shame-free space where people talk about their struggles, difficult past memories, and what it’s like to live with mental illness. click here

The science of mind over body

Placebos, virtual reality gaming, Pavlov’s-dog-style conditioning, and just plain care are some of the proven ways that our minds can treat and heal our bodies. click here

Food is Medicine with Patrick Holford (iTunes - free)

Patrick Holford is a pioneer in new approaches to health and nutrition and is widely regarded as Britain’s best-selling author and leading spokesman on nutrition and mental health issues. click here

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