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Making changes to our lifestyle can help us feel better. We may be able to turn “feeling okay” into “feeling good” by making a few adjustments.

What can we do?

Talking Helps

When we are feeling low, or going through a tough time, there is support available.


It can help to talk to someone – a friend, a family member or a G.P.

It may be hard to open up and be honest about how you are really feeling. You may be use to putting on a brave face with others and pretending you are fine. However, this may leave you feeling isolated and alone, which can makes things worse.

There are organisations that provide non-judgemental talking services, offering a caring person to listen to your thoughts and worries. We have compiled a number of them, which you can find here.

Make A Change

Often, a small change can make a BIG difference to how we are feeling. 

When we are feeling low, we may not look after ourselves as best we can. We may eat junk food or not eat enough, stop being active and allow negative thoughts to take control.


Check out the My 3 Steps programme, which could help you get back on track.


Check out our ever growing library of books, pod casts, websites, videos and downloads. We call it our wellbeing toolkit.


Click here to access the wellbeing tools!

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