6 Aug 2017

Does everyone deserve forgiveness?

Forgiveness has always seemed a little airy fairy to me. A notion which in theory is much easier than practice.

Forgiveness isn’t about changing the person who has wronged you, it’s about changing the impact the hurt has on you. It’s ab...

5 Aug 2017

When did self-care become unfashionable?

I think self-care became lost when the lines became blurred. Do we really know what self-care is? I think we have become confused with the difference between self-care and self-pampering/indulgence. Don’t get me wrong, there is n...

4 Aug 2017

You know how it is when you’re in that awful airport, twiddling your thumbs looking for something to occupy your mind. The dreaded stopover. Difference is that you know the holiday destination is near…good things are to come.

This is how I view rock bottom. It’s a stopo...

26 Jul 2016

I’m sorry, it’s over. It’s not you but it’s me. I’ve grown, i’m different and I want better things. I’ve reached a new place where I need to assess what’s good and what’s bad. Let’s face it, there’s nothing good that comes from this relationship. You’ve been constant,...

12 Jul 2016

Hi all! Welcome to the wondrous, chaotic world of Stacey! I am the newest member of the My Mental Health team and what a privilege it is!

I was introduced to the team by a dear friend of mine who gently encouraged me to share my story. Since doing so, my life has change...

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