Wellbeing Support

Many organisations are now investing in improving the mental health support they provide, and here’s why…

Mental Health Research

Work Related

  • Work-related mental ill health costs the UK economy up to £26 billion every year through lost working days, staff turnover and lower productivity.

  • Unsupported mental health costs on average £1030 per employee per year.
  • Students

    NUS has found that of 1,200 higher education students surveyed, 20 per cent consider themselves to have a mental health problem, while 13 per cent have suicidal thoughts.

  • 1 in 4

    Mental health problems are common with 1 in 4 British adults experiencing at least 1 diagnosable mental health problem per year.

Peer Led Support

Giving you the tools to support mental wellbeing

By sharing what we know about peer support, My Mental Health has successfully helped a number of organisations with their needs to support mental wellbeing.

We will help you form an in-house committee, which will be your driving force for improving mental health support. Our training will also include signposting and guidance on how to run peer support groups for your organisation.


Social, practical and emotional mutual support improves wellbeing and recovery

Benefits of peer support

  • Improves mental wellbeing
  • Increases self-confidence
  • A space to find shared identity and acceptance
  • Information and signposting
  • Challenges stigma and discrimination
  • Reduces feelings of loneliness

Benefits of running a peer support group

Evidence shows that peer support can also benefit peer supporters themselves, giving supporter’s confidence in helping others and increasing their own ability to cope with mental health problems. 

Some of what our peer led support training includes…
  • Support with forming your in-house committee before training day
  • On site training for your chosen committee members
  • Materials and content for peer support group sessions – including an extensive list of topics for discussion.
  • Practical support session with Q&A
  • Signposting guidance
  • Unlimited access to our team for support


We talk about the great work you’re doing

We want employees and students to know which organisations are providing a safe space to work and study, so we publish every organisations we have worked with.

If you would like to book onto our training course, or enquire about other workshops that we run, please contact us.

Access for all

Our mission is to help as many people as possible by ensuring our service is easily accessible. With this in mind, organisations that invest into the mental wellbeing of their employees, also invest into our work with schools across the UK.